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In my early twenty’s I could not suppress my desire to  explore places outside of Belgium, my country of birth. I set off, a free spirit, with a passion for travel. When I landed in South Africa, I felt I’d come home. I fell in love with  Cape Town and all that the mother city had to offer. The diversity, the stark beauty, the joie de vie, made me feel alive. 

My ardour has been creating uniquely styled boutique shops. Nanou B was born in 2011. Before that I had owned two other shops, Bizzare Bizzare and Colours of Africa which were both African art galleries.

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Nanou B was conceived in a different way to the others. This was far more personal. I find that clothing allows you to truly express yourself. The name “nanou” was my nickname as a little girl and the “B” is the beginning of my maiden name. A lot of my inspiration comes from my childhood memories, spending summer holidays in Ibiza with my family and friends. The Spanish Island holds a huge place in my heart. It represents a sense of freedom. The freedom to be yourself. To express yourself creatively and emotionally while constantly being surrounded by good vibes and energy. The energy that resonates with the beauty that the island holds. I wanted to bring these feelings to life in my shop. The boho-chic style of clothing, of siestas, of sunshine and laid back living, of parties, of Ibiza. I’ve not only been inspired by Ibiza. I still carry my Belgium heritage with me. Where you can find a classic style of clothing creating a perfect look for city life too.

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NanouB has flourished on the values Nathalie believes in. Fairness, equality, sustainability, and bold beauty.
We have already created a sustainable packaging option with custom-made cotton bags that are re-usable. As well as striving towards choosing clothing that is made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk which also ensures good quality.

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You will find nanou B in the small fishing village, Kalk Bay

Shopping is an experience, an adventure, a destination.  That’s why when choosing our location, I made sure that it would add value too. I did not want to be in a contrived space or just online. I wanted it to feel like a holiday, to capture a relaxed mood. You can find my shop right opposite to the Kalk Bay Theatre. The vibrant fishing village of Kalk Bay  has a great atmosphere with many outdoor shops, restaurants, cute little streets and is sits picturesquely on the edge of the ocean.

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