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Kaylin Novak's tips towards building an ethical closet.

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

A Sunday lunch spent catching up with old friends but also having a meaningful discussion around the very important issue of Climate change.

There is no doubt that the clothing/fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment along with many other things, it is our duty to be consciously aware of the choices we make and try our best to develop ethical consumer behaviour wherever possible.

Meet Kaylin Novak - She is an incredibly insightful person who always puts the planet first.

Clothing and fashion is a way to express ourselves so it is difficult to cut this out completely, however, there are ways that we can try and be more conscious of the clothes that we buy or need.

Here are a few tips that Kaylin gave to us on how to build an ethical closet:

1st step:


- Reducing the quantity of clothes you buy

- Buying things on impulse because they are cheap

Repair :

- Damaged or doesn't fit well tailor/fix to keep wearing until worn out.


- Reuse clothing until it is not wearable anymore.

- Become a conscious buyer - ask yourself the question if you will wear it 30 times to make up for the environmental cost of that clothing?


- Try and find a new home for your clothes

- Clothing swap

- Sell online or give away to friends that will wear them.

- Up cycle clothing into something else

2nd Step:


- Try find a business that is small/local before going straight to the fast fashion brand (if possible depending on ones budget).

- Nothing wrong with buying essentials if there are no other options.

Materials to take into consideration:

-Synthetic fabrics

- micro-plastics which effect marine life

- polyester

- acrylic

- Synthetic fabrics okay if second hand/vintage

Sustainable materials

- Hemp

- Linen

- Buying secondhand

- Boycotting not the answer, rather reduce the clothing bought.

Nanou B's commitment towards sustainability:

- Good Quality Clothing

- Non-Seasonal: allows you to wear the garments every season without it going out of style.

- Slow fashion: we are a small boutique and only have limited stock available.

Moments captured....

We received gem stones that came along with personalised cards that gave meaning to the stones healing energies as well as positive affirmations.

Delicious vegetarian dips provided by the Aramoun! We would highly recommend.

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