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Who Made My Clothes?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign is a movement that calls for brands to increase their transparency in their supply chain. This can be seen as a campaign that will bring some positive change within the fashion industry where the fast fashion model needs to be changed as it is unethical and unsustainable.

The makers are the most important part of the business, as a producer and consumer it is our responsibility when purchasing clothing to afford quality of life to the person who made our clothing.

So Who Made My Clothes?

Nathalie travels to India once a year where she handpicks her garments individually. She visits the factories herself to ensure that the clothes she buys are made in clean and safe working conditions. Nathalie has now built relationships with the makers and gets to see how much work and effort is put into making each individual garment.

Meet the makers:

This is Manog, the production manager! Nathalie deals directly with him when she goes and buys her garments at the manufacturer. He managers the production of the garments and orders the required fabrics.

Here are the designers and bead workers that work at the factory.

The bead work is all done by hand. The embroidery on each garment is hand-crafted carefully to create such a beautifully detailed end product.

Meet Kishore and Ranjana! These women are the creators behind the gorgeous and colourful bags and pouches made for nanou B. Their beadwork is truly remarkable! And we love all the bright colours used and quality fabrics and materials.

As a brand we are aware of the negative aspects that the fashion industry has on the environment both on a physical and social scale. We will strive to limit these effects wherever possible and to get involved and educate our selves on these conversations.

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