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The things we find by the sea....

Did you know that single use plastic pollution makes up for 90% of marine waste?

We are however, able to be part of the solution by simply changing a few daily habits:

  1. When walking on the beach or anywhere out in nature bring a long a bag and train your eyes to see rubbish - it even starts becoming addictive.

  2. Carry your own reusable water bottle and coffee Cup: You won't even believe how much of a positive impact this will make as so much waste is produced through single use plastic water bottles and coffee cups which are more often than not recycled and find their ways into our oceans.

  3. Take your own bags shopping and find plastic-free alternatives when buying fruit and veg. (We use our re-usable cotton nanou B bags when doing our shopping and they work great!)

4. .Say no to plastic straws and bring your own reusable alternative.

5. Remember the 3 "R's" : Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. A great way that we have practiced this in our home is to re-use all our yoghurt and feta containers. We use them to store all our left-overs which taste even better the next day!

Enjoy the outdoors with a group of friends and make it the norm to pick up the rubbish as you go. You might even find it extremely therapeutic and so rewarding once you are done.

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1 Comment

Oct 22, 2020

Thanks for highlighting the importance of reducing our own waste and cleaning up other people's along our coastline - nice photos too!

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